Not the easiest of starts for the first Friday racing in 2019! A more or less on-shore wind made course setting difficult – see the scribblings on the observer sheet. And there was weed! However, enough wind meant we could get through 10 races, and it wasn’t too cold. The courses were something like: ‘trolley on the jetty’ (!) and 8 start,5p,Bs,4p,IBs,Cs,5p,Bs,4p,IBs,A/C finish……. and then A/B,4p,IBs,3s,8p,5p,blues finish. More commonly known as Peters special zig-zags. You can see from the wildly varying results how much the weed was an influence, but Richard managed best overall before leaving for the ski slopes. Jim and JS had equal points and finishing positions so it was
down to the last race together (10): Jim one place ahead of JS – so he
takes 8th.

Once again a missing result in race 3. JR was Ok about being given an average score. So, once again – please would observers make sure all boats are accounted for on the finishing sheet.

IOM Sunday 6th, J class Tuesday and RM Sunday 13th