There were 19 skippers sailing very close to our max (who was missing) with 3 and 4 off helps, we welcome Trevor from the Round Pond who has joined the club yet another Britpop, we are nearly a Britpop club.

Wind was from the somewhere so start the blues, 6 starboard, 7 starboard, 1 starboard. Twice round and finish A/C. This worked for a time up to lunch then a bit of tinkering as I like to do, same start but 6 port, 4 port inner blue, round again same finish.

As time was pressing and the wind was dropping we went to 1 lap.. at times there were 16 sailing but seemed to split into 2 fleets, once again we all behaved with no protested or shouting , thank you all please keep it up.

Sunday J Class not long to go before we start the Autumn series of 1OMs and RM s

Tuesday J class and DF 95 give them a try.