A better wind today for a change: reasonable strength (though fading a bit for the last few races) and ‘down the lake’ meaning we could set a good long course. We started 7/8, to 3,2 through the gate (though this changed to round 8) and round again, finishing blues. We had a one zig-zag race when the wind went a bit northerly, but then it settled back to more westerly. Although it started cold, the 14 skippers soon warmed up in the sun. A good range of race winners, but, as always, consistency is key – well done David. Being loaded with his 2017 trophies, presented to him this morning, didn’t stop Odd from coming second.

One meters for the next two Sundays, then the Stan Cleal Marblehead open event on the 18th. Volunteers to help on the on-shore team and the rescue boat always helpful.