Yes there was wind (well most of the time); yes there was sun – all of the time; yes 11 skippers completed 10 races and yes – there was weed. A different sort from Bury Lake, but just as much of a nuisance. Oh well.

A good long course was possible with a reasonable range of beats, reaches and runs. Once again the windward mark seemed to have its own lack-of-wind micro climate– causing all sorts of rounding problems in many races.

A few more number games:

Dick’s score was same as his sail number;

John C’s position was the same as his sail number;

Richard had 4 consecutive 3rds;

Odd had 3 consecutive 4ths;

Mike had 4 consecutive 9ths;

First 3 skippers at top of race officer sheet finished in same positions for last 2 races (4,1,5) ;

(must find other things to do!)