Drip, squelch, flap. Flap, drip, squelch…… What an awful morning to be lakeside, with 8 skippers wishing they hadn’t bothered.

And to cap it all, having decided that 4 races was enough to get a discard and go home, we forgot that our club rule is 3 skippers / 5 races to count as a series races.

So it was all in vain! (or should that be all in rain).

Anyway – what actually happened? Very muddy, lightish rain and a wind that hadn’t a clue what it was doing. No wind, strong gust, east, west, north, south, up , down meant a course of 6/7,3.2,6,3,2,6 blues finish meant very little in terms of points of sailing. Not much else to say except squelch, drip, flap!

I gather the forecast for Sunday isn’t much better, so best of luck to the RM’s