First of all ,we seem to be reducing in numbers I know its the holiday season, if you haven’t been for a while charge up your batteries and rejoin us your missed.

15 today, the reported wind arrived a bit late and then left. So a short course A/B start, offshore blue ,inshore blue, A , finish blues.

We managed our 10 races just. another win for David with J M second, 3 wins each D A one 2, J M one 3 both with 17 points, p.p.3 with 2 wins . Oliver 4 both with 18 points with 1 win.
bad news every one suffered with WEED, so if we pull the B<C<D buoys in a bit and get D in the centre of the jetty ,we can deweed as in other years.

Sunday IOM’s might rain, might have thunderstorms.

Tuesday J Class numbers are rising join us if your at a loose end
Wednesday J C and P P hope to sail their R A class again ever-one welcome, thank for help today, see you Sunday