A less than exciting race session today – but the sun did come out to warm up some frustrated skippers. A very light north easterly gave us some trial short courses, but with wind of variable directions and not much of it, there was more a case of sailing-a-course than racing. An early coffee break gave the wind a chance to fil out slightly giving a longer course, but still periods of slow drifting. By lunch and afterwards a slightly better wind and longer courses gave us some reasonable racing. We had decided to have one round of 5 races with observers, and then add a few more ‘all on’ at the end as the wind and time permitted. Too many course variations to enumerate!

Following on from the AGM, a few Race Officer notices:

As we have a limited launch/recovery area at the moment, we need to keep the jetty free in between races for launch/recovery. Seats need to moved away as soon as possible after a skipper has finished a race, thanks.

When there is more than one observer, please could they ensure that they each focus on a different part of the course – typically the windward and leeward buoys!

The Race Officer needs to ensure a reasonable time for a lunch break, taking account of weather and time conditions, and recognising that the last boats to finish and the observers also need a reasonable interval.