A fantastic days sailing, south west wind top of top rig, with a few nose dives, David showed us the way winning the first 3 or 4 races, we slowly pegged him back but overall first class sailing. With this wind we set a long course and after lunch as the wind moved round to stronger south-south west we extended the course. Start 7/8 this was slightly short but manageable, up to 2 port, 1 port, through gate, back to 2, gate finish 1/2. This is our longest available course unless we do 3 rounding’s

Only 13 skippers to day with some strange nos , 62 JC with Bantocks old design, 64 JK with his old ISIS, V9 needs new rudder servo. I always amazes me every time you turn on something has changed, rudder not central , sails not pulling in properly,

We are now getting to the end of HOAC series with 2 more Fridays to go David has moved into second place with Oliver handing on in 1st, all to play for. a number of us fighting for 3rd remember only 6 events to count. dump the big ones

My thanks to JM and OB for assisting with new racing calendar which starts before the AGM , if you have a trophy please return to a committee member asap. JM might hand out some copies of new program. As usual we will host a number of MYA events, the best is the Vets RM Nationals and as normal we need help running these, even help putting up the tent is great, inter club IOM and RM come and race or assist..

Sunday J Class
there are 7 “B” suits on order, as they don’t do coloured sails Ive ordered Red Blue Black corner patches and all other normal bits on the sails. please remind me if your on the list, email back

Tuesday DF 95 and J class racing
Now the weed is going the DFs should beat the Js