Wind, wind, wind – lots of wind! Enough to get the ‘B’ rigs on and wash the decks on the runs. It was a bit attritional though.

11 skippers quickly became 10 as Peter had a rig breakage before he even got started and a couple of others had to retire as the day went on.

We could set a good (easy!) course of 7/8 start, 3,2, 8 (changing to 7 later in the day), 3,2, 8(7), blues finish. Some heavy beats and exciting runs.

For a couple of races the wind eased a bit, but white horses and gusty blasts were the order of the day.

Final scores close for the top 3 which means good racing and concentrating hard to avoid those costly mistakes.

Note – I initially gave 12 to DNF’s etc, but of course Peter did not race – so should have been 11 points. Sometimes didn’t matter (discard), but the final scores utilise the correct points.

Race 3 – 87 crossed the line just in front of 74, but didn’t stay clear, so had to make a penalty turn and therefore was really second (hence the little arrows!).

Sunday – slightly less wind and tad more southerly so maybe not so exhilarating.

A good turnout for our lunch yesterday – a good meal, good company and a fun game!