Well it felt like a proper English summer today: cold, wet and miserable – especially just after the lunch break when there was a prolonged and torrential downpour!

The day started better -a good breeze, overcast with a few drops of rain. Enough wind for a long course – though of course (don’t you just love the English language) the wind started dropping just as we started racing. A/C, 3,2,C,Gate,3,2,C,Gate, blues finish. The wind did move around a bit – we had couple of races starting blues and going anticlockwise.

A good looking wind encouraged us to start race 6 after lunch – only for the rain, thunder and lightning and wind to arrive – race abandoned.

Some 20 minutes later – and with a few less skippers – we tried again. Needless to say the sun came out and the wind went away. We more or less drifted around to 2 more races then gave up and went home to dry out!.

Thanks to the skippers who set to trimming the willow on Tuesday – we can actually see #7 and the gate now.