‘Wet sandwiches anybody? The rain arrived perfectly on time for the lunch break, but it did get sunny after that.
The wind was again variable, mostly from the west which enabled reasonable courses to be set. However, it was far from consistent; nothing to brisk squalls, a puff for one boat and not with the one just alongside, and not always from the west, or south or east or north!

Anyway 14 skippers ended the session with two good long races, with a reasonably stable wind. Earlier rounds were often not races, but more going round a course in the hope that you got some wind and the rest of the fleet didn’t.

A Race Officer note: in these light/variable direction winds, it is much better to stay well apart when trying to round buoys – trying to pinch to get round a buoy or just losing the wind and stopping can easily cause a clutch of boats to get tangled up. Much better to stay clear and hope for that extra puff to gain lots of places.

We had some potential new members visiting today, trying out IOM and RG95 with Richard missing some races as a result. Not the easiest of trial sailing days, but I hope that it was enough for further interest.