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Vintage IOM

Trevor Judd
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I know very little about this model as I bought it as a lockdown project in pieces.  The hull is fibreglass the deck, keel and rudder wood and the ballast is lead.  The A rig has Hood logos on with a 12.6mm alloy mast.  The original Sail Winch was a Futaba S9401 modified by Tony Abel Yachts & Winches with a multi turn potentiometer to make it into a drum winch.  While this worked it never returned back to the same position so was replaced with a Hi-Tec 725BB.  The rudder Servo is a Futaba FPS148.  Sorry the picture is upside down but try as I may it will not go back up the other way!



I have remade all the through deck fittings and added a fairlead to the mainsheet to stop it tangling.  One shroud bottle screw was unserviceable so a new one was made.  The shrouds have been replaced with ones that are the same length!


 The mast was a bit of a mystery as the shroud holes were not in line with the gooseneck! The mast had been sleeved (badly) at some point in time and possibly  reassembled incorrectly at which point the perpetrator may have given up on the whole project!


The ballast was about to fall off so that has been bolted back on. The radio tub fell apart in my hands so that is new.

It sails very well in light airs and was only half a lap behind the fleet at 3RRYC in Rickmansworth where it can be viewed/tried using my radio which is not included.

Unregistered and unmeasured.  I have my eye on another project so this one can go.


Cheers, Trevor