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Three Rivers Radio Yachting is a friendly Club that exists to encourage members to build and race radio-controlled model yachts. We are an active and expanding club with a current membership of around 30. The club is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association (MYA) and is a leading member of the Metropolitan and Southern (M&S) District of that Association. The Club has established itself as a regular venue for District competitions and has built a reputation for good organisation and a friendly atmosphere.

To join the club, you don’t have to know anything about radio yacht sailing, all you need is enthusiasm and a few pounds for the annual membership fee, which is currently less than £1 per week.

The Club sails on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday throughout the year so come and see us at the lake from 10 o’clock until lunchtime.

Click on the videos to see the classes of yacht we race Marblehead, IOM, Nottingham J Class and DF95.  Plus a short guide to choosing a boat.

The International One Metre (IOM) can be seen in action here.

The Radio Marblehead (RM) can be seen racing here:

The Nottingham J Class

The DF95 Class

How do I choose a boat?

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