A slight reduction in the strict limitation imposed because of Covid.
The council is unlocking the gates at the Aquadrome – but it’s worth keeping an eye on it website www.threeriversleisure.co.uk/Coronavirus.

Our club position is unchanged. All formal racing is in abeyance until further notice. We can decide how to finalise the annual race series results in due course. It sounds as though individual leisure activity is allowed (rather than one short exercise outing day), and one can meet (2 boat lengths apart, but don’t use that for claiming water at the mark) with one other person. It is up to the discretion of members as to whether they venture out for a sail according to their own circumstances. As long as skippers maintain social distancing and look at their yachts, they are hardly meeting: just by the lake at the same time. Skippers can, of course, just happen to go round the same buoys in the same order just for fun.

The weekly Zoom meetings have been good – it’s just possible we will understand the rules a bit better now. I understand that some fun was had by those who tries the online racing game.
Let’s hope the cool temperatures have kept the weed away!