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Red is windward boat and must keep clear of blue
Red is on Starboard, Blue is on port, Red has right of way

Who has right of way?

Both yachts are on starboard. The close hauled yacht (red) has right of way over the running yacht (blue). Blue should turn behind the red yacht.

Don’t try to go across the bow of the red yacht as he is already pointing as high as possible and will only contact you at speed.

Go behind the close hauled yacht

Yellow never learns.

He cannot cross in front of the fleet on port tack and must go behind the starboard boats.

Red cannot call blue as he is not clear of green. Green must give way to blue if blue calls him to “keep up”

In this position, if red contacts blue, Red is at fault

Blue,green and red are starboard boats.
Blue is being pushed over the start line by red. Blue must give way to red as blue is the windward boat.
When blue clears himself of red, green could find he is also pushed over the start line by red since green is now the windward boat.

Yellow is in a no-win position.

With blue and green circling in behind red he can’t get over the start line as he is on port tack. Yellow must go around all starboard boats.

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